Employment and Performance

Selected Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:

Folk and Traditional Musics of Europe
Introduction to Non-Western Music
Latin American Music Survey
Music, Culture and Identity
Worlds of Jazz

Graduate Seminars:

Bibliography and Research
Music and Gender
History and Theory of Ethnomusicology
Music and Nationalism

Selected Guest Presentations

2003    Gender Research in Ethnomusicology.  UCLA. Seminar on Latin American Music.
2001    Worlds of Flamenco: From Tradition to Innovation. University of Iowa.
2000    Women in Cante Flamenco  Pomona College,  Claremont, California.

Selected University Employment

2010    La Mujer en el Flamenco: Género e Identidad.  Seminar given at Conservatorio Superior de Música,  Córdoba, Spain. June

2008    Curso de Verano de la Mujer en el Flamenco: Arte y Género. Summer course on Women and Flamenco. Universidad Internaciónal de Andalucía. Málaga, Spain.

2006   Assistant Professor Musicology/Ethnomusicology. Northern Arizona University.

2003    Visiting Lecturer in  Ethnomusicology/Music History. California Polytechnic State.

2001   Visiting Professor in Ethnomusicology. University of Iowa.

2000    Lecturer: Improvised Music Studies. San Jose State University.

2000    Lecturer in Ethnomusicology. University of California, Davis.


2004  and 2001  Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States  Universities.  Summer Research Grant: Flamenco Women.

1997    University of California Los Angeles,  Graduate Division  Dissertation Year  Fellowship

1995    Del Amo Foundation   Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant.

1995    Latin American Center Small Grant. Research on Chilean Nueva Canción.  

1994    Tinker Field Travel Grant  Andean Music Research: Peru/Bolivia.

Singing with Renaissance Ensemble Doulce Memoire, Berkeley

Musical Performance 


Bay Choral Guild, Palo Alto
Chora Nova, Berkeley.

Illumina Women’s Chorus,  Medieval Chant, Berkeley.

Doulce Memoire,  Renaissance  Music Ensemble, Berkeley.

Cambridge Singers, Pasadena, Los Angeles Concert Chorale. Los Angeles.


Duo Alegría, Classical Flute and Guitar Duo.

Flock of Flutes Choir, Walnut Creek.

Latin American  and Arabic Musical Ensembles:


Performing Arabic music

Flor Y Canto, San Francisco.

Colibri, Santa Cruz.

Vientos del Sur,  Los Angeles.

 Near East Music Ensemble, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Aswat,  Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, San Francisco.